That’s one of the best explanations of a concept I wasn’t even aware of. We take so many trivial things for granted. How my car turns? Never even thought about it.

Well. that there is the most mind-boggling paragraph I’ve ever read

Teeming within your body alone are trillions of microorganisms—bacteria, fungi, viruses, protists—that make up 90 percent of all the cells in your body. You are more them, than you are you. In fact, there’s not really a you. Your body is more of an ecosystem than a discrete organism. The sum effect of this fact is unnerving: In a way, you are not one thing, but a codependent mass of countless organisms, moving in unison toward shared goals. Through hundreds of thousands of years of co-evolution within this host-microbe habitat, these organisms have developed a complex scheme of cat-and-mouse survival strategies that affect the overall system.

From this article:

wtf did i just watch. 

That’s RIGHT i’m back baby, and I got myself a SWEEEEEEET mac book. Took me 24 years but I’ve finally figured it might be acceptable to use a mac for more than 5 minutes. and I’m DIGGIN it.

Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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